An important source for interior sound problems in vehicles or machineries is structure borne sound caused by vibration of the engines. Mounts prevents transmission of high frequency engine vibrations which cause the interior noise in the vehicles. Rubber has typical properties such as it can undergo large elastic deformation, the load extension relation is non-linear, it is nearly incompressible and viscoelastic.

Application & Usage

Mounts are designed to diminish vibration, impact or shock as well as to reduce noise level during application use. Vibration mountings are ideal for a wide range of uses including, but not limiting to use electric motors, generators, fans, blowers, control panels, machinery and much noise. Mounts can be manufactured in a variety of shape, sizes and elastomers depending on your application. Custom made mounts are made in a wide range of elastomers.

Materials used

Natural Rubber, Nitrile Rubber, Neoprene Rubber etc.