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Sealing Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

Stable in aggressive media and under explosive decompression.

Pressure. Grease. Steam. The fields of application in the oil and gas industry place great demands on every seal’s resistance properties. The central factors that everything boils down to are efficiency and safety.

From the drill drive on the oil platform to the underwater valve; from the refinery area to the pipeline – seals in the oil and gas industry are used in the widest range of different applications. Whether drilling, pumping or processing; whether underwater or during finishing; in static or rotating applications – the production process presents extreme challenges for the materials used. And there is a central theme: the phenomenon of explosive decompression.

So it’s great that reliability is one of our greatest strengths.

Meeting your demands:

One of the greatest problems, and therefore one of the greatest demands in this sector, is the phenomenon of explosive decompression. First and foremost, this affects seals that need to seal off gaseous media when the gas sinks from high pressure to low in just a short time. Visible damage occurs, such as blisters on the O-ring’s surface or fissures in the material. This phenomenon is known by manufacturers and operators in the oil and gas industry as explosive decompression, and is as well-known as it is feared. The solution needs to be able to resist explosive decompression.

The safe choice: ISMAT AED materials

For applications in the field of natural gas production (such as pig traps, ball cocks and other types of regulating valves), ISMAT offers a wide range of tested materials that have been designed to meet the high demands of resistance against explosive decompression. (AED = Anti-explosive decompression; RGD = Rapid gas decompression.) These sealing materials have proven themselves in long-term tests in compressor construction and oil extraction. Depending on the requirements, various FKM / FKM GLT /FPM, HNBR and FFKM sealing materials are available.

All sealing materials have been successfully tested in accordance with the NORSOK M-710 standard – the decisive international standard in this area of application, and a guarantee of safety against explosive decompression.

Some of the sealing materials have additional important approvals for the industry, such as: ISO 23936-2, NACE TM0187 & NACE TM0192. Various other sealing compounds are also suitable for use in components or assemblies with API 6A & 6D in the valve industry.

Sealing Solutions for the Chemical Sector


Resistance against aggressive media, extreme temperatures, challenging environment

In the field of chemical process technology, the clear focus is on outstanding resistance. This demanding discipline is dominated by innovative production technologies and a wide range of chemicals. From liquid dosing systems to reactors, from valves to tanks; the seals used must always demonstrate formidable resistance to chemicals, extremes of temperature or extreme pressure. When all is said and done, the sealing solution must function properly, and for as long as possible.

Meeting your demands: ISMAT’s solutions

The challenges presented by the chemical industry demands a lot of different materials – which we supply. However which material presents the best solution in individual cases depends on the precise area of application. The specific one you need is therefore something that can only be answered on a case-by-case basis. But a few general aspects can nevertheless be detailed.

Out of ISMAT’s laboratory: High-performance compounds

The short form for all sealing solutions in this segment is ‘multi-talented’. With the greatest chemical resistance of all flexible sealing materials, and a wide range of certifications, ISMAT’s FFKM materials are always a strong option, especially for the chemical industry. Put quite simply: The high-tech materials in this quality grade are suitable for universal use.
Also FKM, FEPM and HNBR materials have powerful resistance compatibility in challenging media.

Further arguments for use in the chemical industry:

  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Good resistance to steam
  • Low compression set
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Wide range of operating temperatures
  • Large number of certifications

To find out more about precise areas of application and product details for individual solutions for your sector you can directly contact us

Automotive Sealing Solutions

Mobility is changing and ISMAT’s automotive segment is moving in stride with it. As an established market leader in the Polymer technology, our expertise now positions us to produce innovative, and cutting-edge products in various other fields.

Passenger Car, Truck & Bus

Being  a market leader in the automobile  industry, we offer a diverse portfolio of products to all the major automobile and commercial vehicle manufacturers . The portfolio includes a large assortment of seals ranging from our near frictionless dynamic seal and static sealing solutions suited for even the harshest conditions.

As battery, fuel cell, charging and hybrid technology emerge, so does the growth in our product offerings. To meet the demands of these new systems, ISMAT is now prepared and ready  to support solutions that extend outward from sealings. The list of our innovations is constantly growing in the fields of battery, fuel cell, e-power train, power electronics, engines, transmissions, suspensions, steering systems, drive trains, climate control, & conventional fuel systems.

All of this is made possible by our cutting-edge research, absolute perfection in manufacturing and outstanding customer service. We look forward to what we can create together!

As an innovative partner to our customers, ISMAT provides custom-engineered materials and technology expertise to resolve all E-Mobility challenges for it’s customers.

Product Portfolio


  • bellows
  • plug seals
  • gaskets

fuel cell

  • o rings
  • tank valve o rings
  • back up rings
  • plug seals

power train & drive line

  • bellows
  • o rings
  • d rings
  • gaskets
  • shaft seals


  • o rings
  • vacumm pump seal
  • intake gaskets
  • plug & seals

steering & suspension

  • o rings
  • bellows
  • ptfe seals

compressors & heat exchangers

  • o rings
  • gaskets
  • other custom moulded parts

Pharmaceutical & Biomedical seals & Elastomers

Across pharmaceutical and biomedical industries, mechanical strength, chemical resistance and hygienic sealing capability are all critical factors. ISMAT medical rubber grades have been specially developed to produce seals able to withstand a wide range of process media, potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and aggressive cleaning regimes.

Material excellence

ISMAT provide the ultimate in thermal and chemical resistance. By using High performance seals, many manufacturers of process equipment have been able to extend the operating capability of their original equipment without expensive valve and pump redesigns. Lower overall cost of ownership can be achieved through a combination of increased seal life and reduced process downtime.

Medical & pharmaceutical grade gaskets & seals

Medical and pharmaceutical grade gaskets, seals & sealing components manufactured by ISMAT include:

  • Standard and non-standard sized O-rings
  • Sanitary gaskets 
  • Butterfly valve seats
  • Inflatable seals for ball segment valves
  • Custom designed components