PTFE Washers and Gaskets are designed to deliver excellent purity, low stress to seal, chemical compatibility, as well as reduced creep and cold flow characteristics.

Application & Usage

1. PTFE Washers and Gaskets are used in a variety of sealing applications including use with misaligned, damaged or rough sealing surfaces.

2. Built to withstand harsh environments: PTFE gaskets are used in applications subject to extremely harsh chemicals. Additionally, the wide range of temperature capabilities of PTFE flange Gaskets (as low as -240oC to as high as +260oC) allow for a broad variety of uses and applications.

3. Customized solutions: Ability to customize PTFE Gaskets with fillers or reinforcements to meet unique applications. With production capabilities including compression moulding and skiving can able to produce precisely control of all aspects of PTFE gasket from cut to finish with well equipped lab and Quality control activities.

Materials used

PCTFE, Devlon, POM, Nylon, Virgin PTFE, Glass Filled PTFE, Carbon filled PTFE, PEEK, Polyfill etc.