Generally Rubber O-Rings serve as effective seals for dynamic and static applications in hydraulic and pneumatic system equipments. One of the biggest drawbacks of O-Rings is their tendency to extrude into the clearance of mating surfaces when subjected to increasing pressures and temperatures. Elevated temperatures i.e. 70oC & above impose a severe burden on the physical and mechanical properties of Rubber O-Rings which further increase their tendency to extrude.

Application & Usage

1. The use of Engineering Plastics backup rings for anti extrusion O-Rings have many advantages over hard rubber materials, particularly at high pressures.
2. The cold flow characteristics of PTFE are used to full advantage in reducing the extrusion gaps to a minimum and allowing automatic compensation for wear.
3. The capability of specialist compounding to suit extremes of duty combined with a high resistance to virtually all chemicals, low friction and wear rate render PTFE as the ideal material of antiextrusion devices.

Materials used

Virgin PTFE, Glass filled PTFE etc.