Rubber to Metal Bonded Components


Rubber has to be bonded with the metal parts for functional requirements of various applications in static as well as dynamic conditions. The Rubber to metal bonding is a means by which rubber is mechanically bonded to a metal to insert during the moulding process. Bond is dependent on the material it is being fused with. Rubber to Metal Bonded Components involves different variety rubber and metallic substance.

  • The Rubber types include Natural rubber, Neoprene, Nitrile, Styrene Butadiene etc.
  • The Metal type includes Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Bakelite etc.

A lot of care should be given to metal surface preparation, material selection and mould design as this addresses the applicability. Chemical and physical bonding strength has to be developed in the required quantum to withstand the various types of vibrations, shocks and sealing.


Metal Bonded Components

Rubber to Metal Bonded Components are extensively used in the automotive industry.

  • The engine and gearbox units are mounted on a rubber bonded unit that may incorporate hydraulic damping systems to damp out engine noise and vibrations more perfectly over a wide spectrum of frequencies.
  • The strut units mount the wheels to the vehicle chassis via a shear style rubber bonded bush.
  • The steering wheel is joined to the steering rack by bonded components and the various link arms in the suspension and steering all incorporate bonded bushes. They act together to provide the comfort and road handling characteristics that are demanded in the modern motor vehicle.
  • Bonded units are also used to correct harmonic vibrations that are sometimes found in the chassis of the lighter, less rigid bodies.
  • These are also used for seals, gasket, linings and protective covering.

Rubber to Metal Bonded Components are commonly used to isolate vibration and noise in various application. Apart from being extensively used in automotive industry, it is also used in Aerospace, Engineering, Electric, Printing, Pharmaceutical industry and many more.

At Ismat, we provide you with a variety of Rubber to Metal Bonded Components for various different applications.