Styrene-Butadiene (SBR) is a copolymer of styrene and butadiene. SBR compounds have properties similar to those of natural rubber. SBRs primary custom molded application is the use in hydraulic brakes system seals and diaphragms, with the major of the industry usage coming from the Tire Industry. SBR features excellent resistance to brake fluids, and good water resistance.

Temperature Range

Low -46° C
High 100° C

Hardness Range

40 A to 60 D

Application Advantages

  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Excellent electrical resistivity
  • Very good resilicence, tensile strength and flexibility even at low temperatues
  • Good compression set rating
  • Slightly more resistant to heat and flex cracking than natural rubber
  • Good resistance to water, dilute acids, alkalis, ammonia, alcohols, ketones and oxygenated solvents
  • OK in steam
  • Good abrasion resistance

Application Limitations

  • Poor weathering, heat(above 212°F), ozone,sunlight and flame resistance
  • Poor resistance to concentrated acids and alkalis
  • Not recommended for resistance to oils, petroleum products and hydrocarbon or chlorinated solvents


  • O-rings, rubber seals and custom molded rubber components for:
  • Hydraulic brake systems seals and diaphragms
  • Plumbing applications