In India, the magnitude of the employees in the manufacturing firm is very high. Safety measurement in this sector is of utmost importance since the likeliness of an unwanted event is relatively more.

In order to ensure safety, manufacturing units should consider certain safety goals.

  • Ensure list of safety rules and appropriate discipline to implement safe work procedure.
  • Provide on-going safety training programs to the new recruits.
  • Provide the worker a hazardous free and safe environment.

To ensure a fully secured and safe manufacturing workplace, safety conditions should be addressed regularly. Few safety concerns to be undertaken are as follows:

An employee who grows careless, off-handed or negligent can cause accidents and become huge liability. Regular breaks should be given to worker throughout the day to rest their continuous work stress.

  • Make sure that equipment and machinery used is regularly checked and maintained. Poorly maintained equipment or machinery can be very unsafe. For this, inspection of machinery and workplace should be regularly done. Employees should also be trained to spot warning signs immediately. Even the employees should be trained to make quick inspection after and before the usage of equipment / machinery.
  • Stock of first-aid equipment should always be present in the manufacturing facility in case of emergencies. Also, employees should have minimal training for the use of first aid equipment.
  • Sometimes, workers may be trapped in a low oxygen environment or may lose consciousness. Confined spaces rescue equipment should be kept handy with the ventilations equipment and exhaust blowers.
  • Usage of multilingual labels in your facility for danger zones or for exercising machines should be done in order to reach all  your workers(English as well as in common tongues)
  • The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is a critical aspect for an overall safety program. Regular and consistent use of PPE among the workers has shown reduction of injuries in work place. Hence it is for workers to guard themselves with PPE (it includes gloves, protective leather coats, eye glasses for protection, helmet etc.)
  • Lastly, daily safety checklist should be posted so that workers are constantly reminded to stay alert.

These safety concerns if strictly adhered to, can increase the probability of the safety of the worker to a large extent.