FFKM Material Data Sheet

1. Introduction:


FFKM perfluoroelastomers show ultimate performance among all elastomers. They are resistant to nearly every chemical class with some grades offering heat resistance over 300°C, this makes FFKM  the material of choice for high demanding sealing applications.

provide broad-spectrum chemical resistance, withstanding acids, ethers, aromatics and other aggressive media. A long service life extends MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure), and exceptional compression set affords a wide operating band. In addition, service temperature ranges from -40°F to 600°F (-40°C to 315°C).

2. Service Temperature:

Low Temperature : -30°C

High Temperature : 300°C

3. Application Advantages:

  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Resistance to almost every chemical class
  • Excellent outgassing performance in vacuum environments
  • Mechanical properties are relatively poor
  • consideration advised for thermal expansion

O-ring kits

The handy carrying case with O-rings is ideally suited for
repairs, assembly jobs and workshops, and finally puts an
end to the search for the right O-ring.

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Accessories :

Products to assist O-ring users include assembly greases and lubricants, sizing cones and extraction tools.

4. Limitations:

  •  Avoid low-molecular-weight, fully halogenated fluids and molten alkali metals.
  •  Strong oxidizing acids may causesome swelling
  •  Helium permeability is slightly higher than fluoroelastomer compounds
  •  Extreme high cost.

5. Usage

All areas where extreme critical application is required.


6. Application :

Typically used a O-rings and components for long-term reliability in extreme environment.