valve seat

Valve seats are circular ring of heat resistant bronze or steel on which a valve of an internal combustion engine rest when closed. It is one of the most critical components of an engine. The valves are a critical component because they are the foundation of the valveterian. This seat provides a surface for the

Process Involved in Rubber Recycling

Process Involved in Rubber Recycling   The Recycling of Rubber, whether natural or synthetic, can be a tough yet lucrative process. Not only does recycled rubber cost half of newly produced natural or synthetic rubber, but has better properties than virgin rubber. Its production consumed lesser energy as well. Rubber Recycling is necessary because rubber

How Do O-Rings Work

How Do O-Rings Work   O-Ring is a simple device that makes your sealing effort successful. They are the most common method of preventing leak. O-Ring works in a simple and ingenious way that blocks the pathway through which fluid or airway escapes. The O-Ring is one of the simplest, most common types of seal

Back up O-Rings

Back up O-Rings   Back up O-Rings, as the name suggest provide protective and supporting elements made from extrusion resistance material in the O-Ring sealing system. It is designed to fit between the O-Ring and the extrusion gap. O-Rings tend to extrude into the clearance of mating when subjugated to high temperature and high pressures.

The Importance of O-Ring Lubrication

The Importance of O-Ring Lubrication A lubricating agent is applied to the surface of molded part or mixed in the elastomer before molding in order to minimize the frictional forces created by a seal. Lubrication of O-Ring seal is a very important aspect for operation and installation of dynamic seals as well as for proper

What is a Rubber Compound

What is a Rubber Compound   The addition of various chemicals to raw rubber to impart desirable properties is termed as rubber compounding. The process includes adding additives, reinforcements or fillers to polymer material in a homogeneous polymer mixture in order to upgrade properties to meet a set of specifications and requirements. The quantity of

How to Ensure Safety in Manufacturing Firm

In India, the magnitude of the employees in the manufacturing firm is very high. Safety measurement in this sector is of utmost importance since the likeliness of an unwanted event is relatively more. In order to ensure safety, manufacturing units should consider certain safety goals. Ensure list of safety rules and appropriate discipline to implement

Shelf Life of an O-Ring

Shelf Life of an O-Ring   All elastomers change gradually with age. Some change more rapidly than others. These changes lead to alteration in the physical properties that can cause detrimental effect. Therefore, Shelf life of an O-Ring is an important factor that has to be considered. To meet the needs of sealing industry, in

Uses and Functions of Bellows

USES AND FUNCTIONS OF BELLOWS   Bellows is a mechanical device that produces pressurized air which consists of chambers that can be expanded in controlled quantity and controlled location to draw in air through a valve and contract it to eliminate it through a tube. In ancient times, bellows were used to provide more air

O-Ring Failure

O-Ring Failure   January 28, 1986 was the day when NASA shuttle challenger exploded shortly after its launch, leading to the deaths of seven astronauts. The catastrophic event was caused due to the failure of a pair of O-Rings in the space shuttle challenger. This dark disaster took place when the shuttles right solid rocket


BUNA-N VS FKM   Buna-N and FKM, both belong to the best class of elastomers. However, there is a recent trend towards users preferring FKM especially in automotive industry. FKM possess superiority over Buna-N in heat tolerance, permeation, compression as well as defence against biofuels, particularly ethanol. However, Buna-N O-Rings are preferred in hydraulic/pneumatic motors,

Properties of Neoprene O-Rings

Properties of Neoprene O-Rings  Neoprene O-Rings are also termed as chloroprene or CR. Neoprene is multi-purpose elastomer which yields a balanced combination of properties. It is unusual that an elastomer is moderately resistant to both petroleum oils and weather i.e. ozone, UV, oxygen. This property qualified neoprene uniquely for certain sealing application where various other

O-Ring Size Chart

O-Ring Size Chart   An o-ring size chart  is one of the most common types of seals in the world. Due to this popularity and the vast array of applications in which o-rings are used, there is a virtually unlimited number of possible sizes of an o-ring. Thus, the need for size standards which cover

Uses of O-Rings

USES OF O-RINGS   O-Rings are used to keep fluid or air in or out of a defined space. O-Ring is used to block a pathway that fluid or air may escape through. These rings are commonly used in mechanical applications, such as pipe connections, and help to ensure a tight seal between two objects.

O-Ring Sizes

O-Ring Sizes   O-Rings are available in a wide range of standard and non-standard sizes that are suitable for nearly all sealing applications. Two dimensions describe the size of an O-Ring: it’s inside diameter (ID) and its cross-sectional diameter (CS). The standard sizes are defined by Aerospace Standard AS568B, Aerospace Size Standard for O-Rings. That document,

Rubber to Metal Bonded Components

Rubber to Metal Bonded Components   Rubber has to be bonded with the metal parts for functional requirements of various applications in static as well as dynamic conditions. The Rubber to metal bonding is a means by which rubber is mechanically bonded to a metal to insert during the moulding process. Bond is dependent on

Low Temperature O-Rings

LOW TEMPERATURE O-RINGS Temperature accounts for an important factor while considering efficient sealing. Low temperature performance is one of the most overlooked properties in seal performance. Exposure to low temperature can contract elastomeric materials, resulting in decreased compression and possible leakage. When seal materials are exposed to lower temperature than their designed limit, seals become

O-Ring Moulds

O-Ring Moulds   An O-Ring or a toric joint is a gasket with round cross section suited to be placed in a groove and compressed during assembling of two or more parts creating a seal which can block pressure. O-Ring Moulds are easily the most widely used seals because they are economic and reliable and

High Temperature O-Rings

HIGH TEMPERATURE O-RINGS   While considering efficient sealing in O-Rings, the range of temperate experienced during the operation is an important factor. The exposure of O-Ring elastomers to excessive high temperature can cause physical or chemical deterioration. Due to high temperature, O-Rings will initially soften and swell within the gland, causing increased friction in dynamic

FFKM Material Data Sheet

FFKM Material Data Sheet 1. Introduction:   FFKM perfluoroelastomers show ultimate performance among all elastomers. They are resistant to nearly every chemical class with some grades offering heat resistance over 300°C, this makes FFKM  the material of choice for high demanding sealing applications. provide broad-spectrum chemical resistance, withstanding acids, ethers, aromatics and other aggressive media.

O-Ring Material and Compound Selection Guide

O-Ring Material and Compound Selection Guide O-Rings are common seals, or mechanical gaskets used in machines, both dynamic and static, such as taps, pumps etc, to seal and prevent leakages of gases or liquids. They are popular because they are cheap, reliable, and simple to use. They also come in a very wide range of

Biennial Valve World Expo

Ismat had the privilege of participating in the 9th Valve World Expo. With more than 12,500 participants from over 57 different countries, the expo provided an optimal platform for us to showcase our manufacturing expertise in areas of O-Rings, Seals, Quad Seals, etc. We exhibited our ability to work with more than 20+ polymer types, some of


An O-Ring is a gasket, or a ring which is fitted into grooves in machinery that deal with high pressure fluids. This is done to prevent loss or transfer of fluids. The simplest example of this would be a tap. The O-Ring fitted inside it prevents the water from leaking out. A normal O-Ring will be